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Extreme testing: Mechanical testing of UHTCs at ultrahigh temperatures

By Eileen De Guire / December 11, 2012

These CT scans showing the formation of microcracks in ceramic composites under applied tensile loads at 1,750 degrees Celsius were obtained at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source using a unique mechanical testing rig. Credit: Ritchie; LBNL. “Failure is not an option” applies to ultrahigh temperature ceramics and ceramic composites for extreme environments. UHTC materials are…

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California group’s metallic glass is world’s toughest–strongest material

By / January 11, 2011

Ashby map of the damage tolerance of materials. Arrow indicates the combination of toughness and strength potentially accessible to metallic glasses extends beyond the traditional limiting ranges towards levels previously inaccessible to any material. Filled star: data for new metallic glass. X: data for other metallic glasses (three Fe-based glasses, two Zr-based glasses a Ti-based glass…

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