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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By Eileen De Guire / February 19, 2013

Lots of interesting things going on around the US and the world: Quantum dot energy harvester: Turning waste heat into electricity on the nanoscale A new type of nanoscale engine has been proposed that would use quantum dots to generate electricity from waste heat, potentially making microcircuits more efficient. The engines would be microscopic in…

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Nanocrystal film to make solar cheaper

By / November 19, 2009

Technology Review reported that solar cells made from nanocrystal-based inks have the potential to be as efficient as the conventional inorganic cells currently used in solar panels, but can be printed less expensively. Solexant, a company in San Jose currently, is hoping that simpler, cheaper printing processes and materials, as well as lower initial capital…

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Cutting PV costs, Part 1: New busbars, ‘fingers’ to cut costs by 20%?

By / September 23, 2009

Technology Review has a video (24 min.) of a recent interview with Emanuel Sachs, 1366 Technologies’ chief technology officer and professor of mechanical engineering at MIT. He explains the physics of solar cells and how 1366 is using the techniques described below to try to make them more efficient. (Note, there is a brief sponsor…

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