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March ACerS Bulletin features exclusive excerpt from Tom Vert’s forthcoming refractories book

By April Gocha / February 18, 2016

March is just around the corner, but the March issue of the ACerS Bulletin will make you wait no longer.

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News from the glass and refractory ceramics world

By P. Carlo Ratto / February 25, 2014

Ardagh Glass expects to receive bids for its Budweiser beer bottle-making unit this week in a deal that would allay antitrust concerns about the group’s proposed expansion in the US. Ardagh has been working with Citigroup to sell the majority of its US bottle-to-jam jar division, Anchor Glass, which it bought for $892 million in…

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Refractory TTT—Top ten takeaways from Unitecr 2013

By Eileen De Guire / September 17, 2013

The organizers of last week’s Unitecr meeting were savvy in their choice of keynote and plenary speakers, choosing a refractory raw material supplier, a steelmaker, and a renowned consultant to the global refractories industry. Here are the tope ten takeaways.

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New E-beam thermal shock test of MgO-C steelmaking refractories

By Eileen De Guire / November 30, 2012

SEM image of the cross section of the test specimen of the erosion zone, MgO particles are disconnected and removed, and no additional decarburization in surface regions was observed. Credit: Thomser; ACT, Wiley. Unless you live in an igloo (and maybe not even then), you know that the steel industry is enormous. According to a…

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