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Direct solar-to-fuel ‘artificial leaf,’ the ‘Dead’ and the man behind the ‘personalized energy’ concept

By / May 15, 2012

It’s not often that the life and work of someone who labors in the fields of in materials science and chemistry is profiled in a magazine like The New Yorker—better know for its commentary, criticism and cartoons than for a thoughtful discussion of catalysts and silicon coatings—so it was a little startling to see a…

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ARPA-E promotes Nocera’s simple solar-storage concepts

By / March 3, 2010

Also in conjunction with it’s Energy Innovation Summit, ARPA-E is promoting a new, brief video about the photosynthesis/photocatalysis energy storage ideas of MIT’s Daniel Nocera and his company, Sun Catalytix. Nocera has received $4 million form ARPA-E to continue the development of his prototypes. Nocera’s catalyst consists of cobalt metal, phosphate and an anode, placed…

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