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Nanomaterials safety research: National Academies sound alarm and urges cohesive plan

By / January 26, 2012

Framework for new report by a committee of the National Research Council for the National Academies. Credit: NRC. Nano environmental health and safety is clearly an important topic and one that is frequently referenced at materials conferences I have attended. But despite all the balloon juice, it seems to me that work over the last…

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Two groups find cheaper, easier route to ‘cloaking’ in visible light

By / February 8, 2011

A pink object under the cloak becomes invisible. Credit: SMART Center. Last week I mentioned that someone has found a new, cheap way to optically “hide” objects (other than the metamaterials route). Via Gizmag, I heard about the the work of two groups who, in parallel, are using calcite crystals to make objects seem to disappear —…

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Materials and engineering postdoc and researcher opportunities in Copenhagen

By / June 10, 2010

Weary of looking for materials jobs or grad school/postdoc opportunities in the U.S.? Maybe its time to check out the Technical University of Denmark, located in beautiful Copenhagen. Here are some of the school’s current openings: Postdoc position in “Grain boundary engineering of functional thin films” Ph.D. scholarship(s) in solid oxide electrolysis and solid oxide…

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