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Can a panda-shaped solar power plant boost popularity of renewable energy?

By April Gocha / July 11, 2017

In a fresh effort to boost the visibility of its renewable energy efforts, China is turning to one of its most beloved creatures—Panda Green Energy Group Ltd. recently announced that it has connected its latest solar power plant, cutely shaped into the likeness of its namesake, to the electricity grid.

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Oxide nanolayers make colorful solar panels

By Jim Destefani / July 22, 2013

Artist’s rendering shows how the Fraunhofer IAO building in Stuttgart, Germany could be fitted with a colorful solar façade. Credit: Fraunhofer IOF. Until now, covering a building’s roof or façade with standard solar photovoltaic cells would change the structure’s appearance—and not always for the better. Current cell arrays are black or gray, colors governed simply…

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Saint-Gobain to open new PV facility in Korea

By / October 11, 2010

Hyundai Heavy Industries Chairman Min Keh-sik, left, sits with Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA Chairman Pierre-Andre de Chalendar, center, after HHI and Saint-Gobain agreed to build a new CIGS solar module plant. (Credit: Hyundai Heavy Industries.) Saint-Gobain today announced (PDF) the building of its third high-efficiency photovoltaic panels facility in Korea. Saint-Gobain is partnering up with…

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Nanocrystal film to make solar cheaper

By / November 19, 2009

Technology Review reported that solar cells made from nanocrystal-based inks have the potential to be as efficient as the conventional inorganic cells currently used in solar panels, but can be printed less expensively. Solexant, a company in San Jose currently, is hoping that simpler, cheaper printing processes and materials, as well as lower initial capital…

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