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transparent armor

Video of the week: Ceramic spinel transparent armor

By / September 17, 2010

Pretty tough stuff! This clear armor is made by South Carolina-based ArmorLine Corp, which describes this as a spinel transparent ceramic. The ArmorLine rep in the video says the plates are one-half the thickness and one-half the weight of conventional, laminated “bullet-proof glass” with similar projectile-stopping power. On its web page, the company says it…

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Arun Varshneya: Advantages of Chemically Strengthened Glass

By / July 8, 2009

Arun Varshneya, a professor in glass science at Alfred University, discusses the differences among techniques used to strengthen glass, and focuses on the advantages of using salt baths to chemically strengthen glass.

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Arun Varshneya: High-Strength, Large Case-Depth Chemically Strengthened Glass

By / June 25, 2009

From PACRIM8, this lecture discusses recent advances in improving the strength of glass. In particular, Alfred University professor Arun Varshneya explains the process of using NaNO3 + KNO3 salt baths to strengthen high-glass-transition-temperature aluminosilicate glass.

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Schott’s new transparent armor

By / June 8, 2009

Schott DiamondView Armor Products has been demonstrating its transparent armor system over the past few months. This comes after Schott took over full ownership of DiamondView Armor Products in January. DAP had been a joint venture between the company and Dynamic Defense Holdings. The DAP glass-ceramic armor system is getting notice because of its ability…

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