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transparent conducting oxides

Computational methods shine light on conducting oxide transparency

By / January 20, 2012

Band structure of rutile SnO2, illustrating free-carrier absorption. Visible light does not carry enough energy to excite carriers across the band gap (a) or to excite free carriers directly to the next conduction-band states (b). However, additional momentum provided by a phonon enables indirect free-carrier absorption (c) for any visible or infrared wavelength. States in…

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Tape casting of indium tin oxide for electroluminescent devices

By Eileen De Guire / September 30, 2011

Tape casting was used to fabricate a flexible indium tin oxide layer in an electroluminescent lamp. Credit: Roosen; JACerS Transparent conducting oxides constitute an important class of electronic materials and are used for applications such as flat panel displays, solar cells and touch panels. TCOs are doped semiconducting oxides and example compositions include tin-doped indium oxide,…

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