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Video: Watch this 3-D printed, jet-powered unmanned aerial vehicle soar

By April Gocha / February 1, 2017

Additive manufacturing company Stratasys and unmanned aerial vehicle systems manufacturing specialist Aurora Flight Sciences have teamed to fabricate something light, fast, and revolutionary—the first jet-powered, 3-D printed drone aircraft.

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Flying machines and falling men

By Eileen De Guire / February 10, 2012

University of Pennsylvania researchers demonstrate swarming capability with a fleet of saucer-sized flying robots. Credit: GRASP, U. Pennsylvania; You Tube. Two stories about flight flitted across my field of view this week. One makes a lot of sense to me; the other does not. But, don’t let me influence you. First up. The University of…

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BAE acquires Advanced Ceramics’ UAV division

By / March 12, 2009

Tuscon-based Advanced Ceramics Research has been akin to co-joined twins, one side of company focusing on bioceramic applications and the other producing unmanned aerial vehicles. Now it looks like the twins are getting separated. Today, BAE Systems, a long-time defense contractor, announced it would be acquiring ACR’s UAV business. Without knowing the details, its hard…

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