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Local Motors debuts new LM3D Swim to drive mass production of 3D-printed cars

By April Gocha / November 18, 2015

While Local Motors’ previous 3-D-printed car Strati was a prototype, the company has taken the concept one giant leap further—at this year’s SEMA show earlier this month, Local Motors debuted the LM3D Swim, its first attempt to enter 3-D printed cars into the mass production market.

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Electric cars powered by supercapacitor-packed body panels could become roadway reality within five years

By Jessica McMathis / December 15, 2014

A team at Queensland University of Technology and Rice University has developed a high-capacity film that’s thin enough to be placed in the panels of your car and provide enough juice to recharge an EV battery in minutes.

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Armored vehicle maker trusts bulletproof glass to stop AK-47 bullets

By April Gocha / November 19, 2014

Armored vehicle outfitter Texas Armoring’s CEO Trent Kimball has bulletproof glass to thank for the ability to stand behind his products, quite literally.

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