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MCARE: Power and posters

By / February 28, 2012

Tuesday was the first full day of symposia at the MCARE 2012 meeting going on Clearwater Beach, Fla. Credit: ACerS. The first full day of symposia and tutorials took place today. With four or five concurrent sessions, a comprehensive (or even semi-comprehensive) report on today’s events at the Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy…

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Plans underway to market mobile SOFC products

By / August 25, 2009

From Fuel Cell Today comes a report that two companies working together think that mobile solid oxide fuel cell products could be commercially available within two to three years, with larger 100 kW stationary units available in seven to 10 years. Xin Li, a senior researcher in the fuel cell field who works as a…

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Random weekend headlines

By / May 3, 2009

“You know that we are living in a material world” – Madonna Atomic layer deposition infusement make spider silk super strong. Missouri S&T prof working on PV and lithium battery improvements. Federal incentives helping Oregon’s Solarworld. Versa Power eyes SOFC manufacturing plant. RAK Ceramics has over 115 million square metres in annual production capacity. Report…

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