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By / February 25, 2011

Worth a look: ‘Rechargeable’ anti-microbial surfaces boost food safety A University of Massachusetts Amherst food scientist is developing a way to improve food safety by adding a thin anti-microbial layer to food-handling surfaces. Only tens of nanometers thick, it chemically “re-charges” its germ-killing powers every time it’s rinsed with common household bleach. Overview of NIST’s…

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DOE invests for “most advanced wind turbine in the world”

By / October 18, 2009

Secretary Steven Chu announced new investments in wind energy research facilities that aim to produce the most advanced and efficient wind turbines in the world. The funding is from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and the research will focus on improving both land-based and offshore wind generation. $24 million will support university research and…

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