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Xudong Wang

Another ‘case’ for harvesting wasted energy—it will help charge your iPhone

By Stephanie Liverani / June 11, 2015

New energy harvesting technology developed by Ohio State University researchers could make cell phone batteries last up to 30 percent longer on a single charge.

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Good vibrations: New nanogenerator shows promise for self-powered electronics

By Jessica McMathis / February 25, 2014

A team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has discovered a way to charge your smartphone battery even when you’re away from your charger.

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Materials Madness! NCAA men’s basketball tournament and materials science

By Eileen De Guire / March 22, 2013

CTT is tracking the NCAA “March Madness” men’s basketball tournament to see whether there is a correlation between strong materials science and engineering schools and basketball prowess. You’re welcome. Credit: Wikimedia, from 2007. This post is NOT an excuse for me to see how my NCAA men’s college basketball tournament bracket is doing. Not at…

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New material to power tiny generators

By / October 24, 2009

Via press release from University of Wisconsin, we learn that a team of researchers has developed a piezoelectric nanogenerator and experimented with a variety of materials to power it. The team found that zinc oxide nanowires, which have six-sided, column-like crystals, could produce 10 nanowatts per square centimeter by converting mechanical energy into electricity. The…

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