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8th Advances in Cement-Based Materials (Cements 2017)

Meeting Description

The Cements Division of ACerS announces the 2017 annual meeting, Advances in Cement-based Materials, June 26-28, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting will be hosted at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Ga. Paulo Monteiro of University California, Berkeley, will give the Della Roy Lecture.  Other events include a tutorial over novel carbon capturing technologies, a student event at the University Center, and the latest advances in cement based research.

Presentations at Cements 2017 will cover topics in the areas of

  • Cement chemistry and nano/microstructure
  • Material characterization techniques
  • Alternative cementitious materials and material modification
  • Durability and lifecycle modeling
  • Computational material science
  • Smart materials and sensors
  • Rheology and advances in SCC
Della Roy Lecture

Paulo Monteiro; Roy W Carlson Distinguished Professor in Civil and Environment Engineering; University of California, Berkeley


Title: Characterization of cementitious materials using X-ray synchrotron radiation: What we know, what we don’t know, and what we want to know


Abstract: For the last two decades, our research group has conducted research in various international synchrotron facilities, including ALS (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), APS (Argonne National Lab), BESSY (Germany), ELLETRA (Italy), LNSL (Brazil), and SLRI (Thailand). In this lecture, I will summarize the highlights and pitfalls of using this powerful characterization technique. The presentation will also describe new results on

a) understanding catalytic reactions using in-situ XPS,

b) linking the chemical and mechanical properties of calcium (alumino)silicate hydrate using HP-XRD, and

c) characterizing the early hydration with high-resolution spectromicroscopy.

The lecture will end with personal recommendations for future research.

Why attend? See what others say.

Why attend Advances in Cement-Based Materials? See why others have attended in this video.


Here’s a recap of the 2017 event.

Program Chairs

Kim Kurtis



Tyler Ley



Denise Silva





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