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Materials Marvels: The Science of Superheroes

Thursday, November 2, 2017, at 11 am (Eastern US Time)

Webinar Description  


Don’t miss “Materials Marvels: The Science of Superheroes,” with  Ricardo Castro, associate professor at University of California, Davis (Davis, CA, USA).  Combining creativity with solid engineering background can enable unprecedented technological achievements, being a driver for the development of the civilization in the modern era. However, this fundamentally contrasts the way ancient materials discoveries took place, where extensive observations slowly built the world as we know it. Now we face the need to create new things based on the scientific knowledge we built in the past. Seeking inspiration for this everlasting challenge, the universe of superheroes serves us as unusual resource. Superpowers and superguns have no limits but your imagination. In this webinar, we revisit the past and wonder about the future from a materials perspective with specific examples to inspire you to imagine (and engineer) super-materials to address the unprecedented global problems we face today. 


Instructor Biography  

Ricardo Castro is an associate professor in the Department of Materials Sciences & Engineering at University of California, Davis. He joined UC Davis in 2009 and is the lead of the Nanoceramics Thermochemistry Laboratory, a lab dedicated to provide fundamental understanding, using experimental thermodynamics, of ceramic nanomaterials and their behavior under processing conditions and operation at extreme environments, such as high temperatures, impacts and irradiation. 


Castro has been awarded the DOE Early Career Program award and the NSF Career Award, two of the most competitive awards for young researchers. Among others, he was also awarded the 2014 Robert L. Coble Award by The American Ceramic Society, the 2015 Global Young Investigator Award by the Engineering Ceramics Division in ACerS, and the 2015 Stig Sunner Award by the Calorimetry Conference.


Castro is passionate about materials education and has created several outreach programs to inspire new generations of materials engineers. His interest in superheroes comes from his youth and has served him well as an instrument of creativity and for engaging young engineers in pursuing MS&E majors.


This webinar is designed for any member of ACerS Global Graduate Researcher Network (GGRN) and ACerS Young Professionals Network (YPN).  


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