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ACerS Global Graduate Researcher Network (GGRN)


Put yourself on the path toward post-graduate success with ACerS Global Graduate Researcher Network (GGRN)!



What is GGRN?


ACerS Global Graduate Researcher Network (GGRN) is a membership of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) that addresses the professional and career development needs of graduate-level research students who have a primary interest in ceramics and glass.


Does this sound like a good fit? If so, GGRN is just for you!


Why do you need GGRN?

You are at a unique point in your student career. You’ve made the decision to further your education by obtaining a masters or Ph.D.—a decision that requires extensive research in a specialized area of interest. If that interest includes ceramics or glass, ACerS GGRN is your first stop on the path toward post-graduate success. Join GGRN and enjoy access to ACerS invaluable information, expertise, and targeted programming resources as well as an international network of graduate-level students, just like yourself, who are looking for a place to call their professional home. 


GGRN membership aims to help graduate students:

  • Engage with The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
  • Build a network of global peers and contacts within the ceramics and glass community
  • Have access to targeted professional development tools 


What can GGRN do for you?

GGRN provides graduate students targeted opportunities in the following areas:

  • Networking
  • Connections with other ceramic and glass graduate students – Join the ACerS GGRN Facebook page today!
  • Tools for targeted career preparation – free webinars and “lunch and learn” sessions at meetings
  • Reduced meeting/conference registration fees
  • Join up to three ACerS Divisions for FREE
  • 24/7 access to ACerS three peer-reviewed technical journals, and not only that….
  • Publishing:  Learn how to get your research published in ACerS journals with the help of online and live training and information sessions
  • Many more valuable resources and member benefits to engage young ceramic and glass scientists!  


Join today! 

Prepare for lifelong success by joining GGRN. With ACerS GGRN, you can build your professional network, shape your career, and strengthen your skills while still in graduate school.


If you have a primary interest in ceramics and glass, join GGRN directly for $30 per year as long as you are currently enrolled in graduate school.  


In addition to joining directly, you may attend an ACerS meeting at the nonmember graduate student meeting rate, and you will receive one year of GGRN membership. Renewal rate is $30 per year while in graduate school.



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