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S7 – Superconducting and Magnetic Materials: From Basic Science to Applications


The discovery and subsequent applications of magnetic and superconducting materials has been a topic of much research spanning the scale from large-scale energy applications at one end to quantum computing at the other. From a fundamental perspective, the elucidation of the fundamental physics underlying these materials through highly advanced characterization techniques is of extreme interest. From the perspective of applications, the tailoring of the structure-property relationships through defect engineering and doping will full harness the capabilities of these materials. Of additional importance is meso-scale engineering for the development of these materials for devices (e.g. superconducting wires, magnetocalorics, grain boundary engineering, etc.).


This symposium will cover recent developments in the discovery, characterization, and applications of superconducting and magnetic materials. Focus will be paid to new discovery paradigms, advanced characterization and theory of correlated properties, and the engineering of these materials for applications ranging from nanoscale to large-scale.



Proposed Sessions/Topics

  • New superconducting and magnetic materials
  • 2D correlated materials: Synthesis, characterization, and tailoring of properties
  • Characterization and theory of structural, magnetic, and superconducting properties
  • Tailoring magnetic and superconducting properties for applications
  • Device fabrication: Nanoscale to industrial



Symposium Organizers


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