ARPA-E director hosting live chat this afternoon

By Eileen De Guire / June 29, 2011

Received from the DOE: ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar to Host Live Chat on Innovation and Clean Energy On Wednesday, June 29, ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar will host the Department of…

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Solar silicon manufacturing innovators get big boosts with new DOE loan guarantees

By / June 20, 2011

Calisolar silicon is purified in a unique, liquid-phase process producing solar silicon without the high energy and specialized equipment of conventional vapor-phase silicon purification. Credit: Calisolar. As I have written…

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$70M available from DOE for cost-cutting geothermal tech proposals

By / June 9, 2011

DOE artist concept of enhanced geothermal system. Source: EERE/DOE. The Department of Energy just announced that it has $70 million to spend on proposals for technology advancements that can accelerate…

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Eni and MIT detail success of research collaboration

By / October 18, 2010

Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni and MIT President Susan Hockfield at the Solar Frontiers Center inauguration. Last week I reported on Shell’s hefty donation of $25 million to MIT Energy Initiative…

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Video of the week: The role of R&D in renewable energy

By / December 30, 2009

Dan Arvizu, Director of the National Renewable Energy Lab, discusses the role of research and development in the age of renewable energy. Run time 1 hour.

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EU calls for €50 billion renewable energy investments

By / October 17, 2009

(via Rare Metals) The European Commission announced it is trying to assemble a joint effort by governments, nonprofits and businesses to develop the technologies to address climate change and a…

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Federal student loan forgiveness

By / September 18, 2009

Maybe this is old news, but I didn’t know there was a “Public Service Loan Forgiveness” federal program. In brief, if you work in a “public service” job for at…

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