Advancing in-situ measurements during glass production

By Jonathon Foreman / April 9, 2021

Measurement of a glass before, during, and after production are critical for ensuring its processability and properties necessary for end-use application. Two recent articles in the International Journal of Applied Glass Science investigate new in-situ methods for measuring fluorine and bubbles, respectively.

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Video: Making guitars out of glass

By Lisa McDonald / April 7, 2021

Stringed instruments are traditionally made out of wood due to the material’s unique mechanical and acoustical properties. In recent years, musicians have experimented with materials besides wood, and today’s CTT looks at the work of one Florida-based musician who specializes in making guitars out of glass.

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Video: Choosing the best glass for your St. Paddy’s beer

By Lisa McDonald / March 17, 2021

Today is St. Patrick’s Day! As you prepare a celebratory beer, how do you choose which type of glass to serve it in? The videos in today’s CTT offer some historical and technical suggestions on which glass will best serve your needs.

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If you live in America and brush your teeth, get excited—bioactive glass toothpaste is on the way

By April Gocha / March 2, 2021

After a long and interesting journey, bioactive glass toothpaste is set to soon be available in the United States. U.K.-based company BioMin received FDA premarket clearance for its Restore Plus toothpaste under the Dr.Collins brand.

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Glass discovery and design: 21 challenges in artificial intelligence and machine learning for glass science

By Lisa McDonald / February 23, 2021

Artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to materials design can accelerate the discovery of new glasses in an economical fashion. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and the University of California, Los Angeles, identified 21 challenges that, when addressed, can aid in harnessing the full potential of these methods for glass science.

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Reinforcing waste-based concrete: Plastic fibers improve mechanical properties of cement–glass composite

By Lisa McDonald / February 16, 2021

Substituting waste materials for cement in concrete helps lower the concrete industry’s carbon emissions and keeps waste materials out of landfills. However, large amounts of glass cullet in concrete will decrease the concrete’s mechanical properties. Researchers in Poland investigated reinforcing the cement–glass composite using plastic fibers.

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Video: Glass reality show blows away the competition

By Lisa McDonald / February 10, 2021

Reality competition shows exist on almost every topic. In 2019, glassblowing entered the fold with “Blown Away,” a Canadian series available on Netflix. Learn more about the show and the Corning Museum of Glass, where winners take part in a weeklong guest residency.

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Video: Glass flowers bloom in nail art

By Lisa McDonald / January 27, 2021

Cosmetic nail treatments have existed for thousands of years, but the wild nail art designs seen today only really became popular in the past decade. We take a brief look at this history and highlight one nail artist whose designs are inspired by nature.

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Laser-based process allows direct creation of 3D glass structures

By Lisa McDonald / January 26, 2021

Glass additive manufacturing is a less developed field compared to methods for printing plastic, metal, and ceramic, but the last few years saw significant advances. Three researchers in France now propose that two-photon polymerization, a technique used in fields such as micro/nanophotonics, could offer an effective way to 3D print glass directly rather than by layer-on-layer procedures.

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Video: Another way to grieve—Oregon artist creates unique glass pieces from ash

By Lisa McDonald / November 4, 2020

In a year rocked by intense natural disasters and a pandemic, grieving for lost lives and property is difficult when many traditional ways of recognizing loss are not possible. Oregon-based glass artist Kelly Howard offers one alternative by turning ashes into unique glass pieces.

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