Video of the week: Linda Pinckney on glass–ceramic applications

By / April 7, 2010

If you have a glass-top stove, you may have wondered why the rest of the glass stays cool when you have only one burner turned on. Linda Pinckney can explain…

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RavenBrick: Nifty, thrifty, nonelectric smart windows and smart walls

By / March 18, 2010

Last week I had a post about Sage Electrochromics and the company’s line of smart windows. But, there is another company, RavenBrick, that says it has a less expensive, film-based…

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New glass applications and science journal debuts

By / March 16, 2010

The premier issue of ACerS’ new quarterly glass journal has just been put online and – good news – all of the content of this first issue is available for…

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Caltech group demonstrates efficient 3D solar array

By / February 18, 2010

The idea of using fibers, wires or some other protruding structures to provide a three-dimensional surface for enhancing the energy-capturing capabilities of photovoltaic units seems to be catching on. The…

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Penn group shows plasmons converting light to current

By / February 18, 2010

Last fall we wrote about Penn’s Nano/Bio Center getting a $11.7 million NSF grant. According to a new release from the university, some of the work is paying off in…

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Next generation lighting gets $37M from DOE

By / January 15, 2010

The DOE signaled today that intends to continue to support

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Marina R. Pascucci 2010–2011

Video of the week – Marina Pascucci on polycrystalline transparent ceramic materials and missile dome production

By / December 16, 2009

Marina Pascucci, president of CeraNova Corp., describes how her company fabricates the domes – the curved or pointed leading surfaces – of missiles. In this context, she explains how polycrystalline…

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Georgia Tech group creates 3D photovoltaic system

By / November 3, 2009

What if there was a way to create a material covered with tiny 3D solar collectors instead of the typical 2D flat photovoltaic systems (and in this context flexible PV…

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Materials Industry headlines

By / October 4, 2009

Ipsen Ceramics is totally focused on customer service Over 50 years has made Ipsen Ceramics an expert in the field of high temperature refractories and production of kiln furniture. Ipsen…

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