10-02 Mug Drop 2019

[Image above] Credit: ACerS

With the main events of ACerS Annual Meeting and MS&T19 over halfway done for the year, let’s take a look at the events that took place since our post yesterday.

Annual mug drop reaches high heights

The annual ceramic mug drop contest sponsored by Keramos, the national professional ceramic engineering fraternity, took place Tuesday, October 1. Thirty-two mugs were entered in the competition, and mug drops continued until only one mug was left standing.

Credit: ACerS, YouTube

2019 ACerS Fellows and Distinguished Life Members honored at banquet

On Monday night, retiring ACerS president Sylvia Johnson presented the 2019 ACerS Fellows and Distinguished Life Members with plaques at the ACerS Annual Banquet. Twenty members were elevated to Fellow Status this year, and three members were awarded the distinction of Distinguished Life Member: Winnie Wong-Ng, Minoru Tomozawa, and Dawn Bonnell. Other 2019 award winners also received their awards at the banquet.

Credit: ACerS
Richard Todd accepts the Ross Coffin Purdy Award for his group’s winning article, “Ultra-fast firing: Effect of heating rate on sintering of 3YSZ, with and without an electric field.” Credit: ACerS

More ACerS awards

Throughout Tuesday, multiple more 2019 ACerS award winners were presented their honors, which you can see below.

Minoru Tomozawa, one of this year’s Distinguished Life Members, presented the ACerS Edward Orton Jr. Memorial Lecture on his research concerning fast surface relaxation of glass in response to water. Credit: ACerS
Jennifer Lewis, left, presented this year’s Rustum Roy Lecture on her research creating voxelated matter via droplet and filamentary 3D printing. Credit: ACerS
Kathleen Richardson, left, and Wataru Takeda presented the Distinguished and Young Scholar Cooper Award Lecturers on Tuesday afternoon. Richardson’s talk was on function-tailoring strategies for broadband infrared glasses; Takeda’s talk was on topological constraint model of high lithium content borate glasses. Credit: ACerS

Keep an eye out for Friday’s CTT, which will wrap up the rest of events that occurred at ACerS Annual Meeting and MS&T!

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