L. David Pye is Dean and Professor of Glass Science, Emeritus, The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. An honored teacher, scholar, and researcher, he has served as President of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) and The International Commission on Glass (ICG). He is a Distinguished Life Member of ACerS, Honorary Member of The German Society of Glass Technology, and Honorary Fellow of The British Society of Glass Technology.

As Dean of the College of Ceramics, these latter experiences led him to create The Van Frechette International Friendship Park in honor of students and friends across the globe who came to Alfred to study, lecture, or carry out research. His professional achievement awards include The ICG President’s Award, The New York State University Chancellor’s Award for Scholarship and Creativity, and The Phoenix Award for Glass Person of Year. He played major leadership roles in establishing at Alfred, the only Ph.D Glass Science program in United States and the National Science Foundation Industry-University Center for Glass Research. He also led efforts in founding several continuing conference series including Advances in the Fusion and Processing of Glass and The University Series on Glass Science.

In 2003 he presented the Plenary Address at the 10th International Conference on the Physics of Non-crystalline Solids; in 2013 the Keynote Address at the 23rd International Congress on Glass; and in 2014 the Keynote Address at the 12th European Society of Glass Conference. He was the Founding Editor of The ACerS International Journal of Applied Glass Science and in 2018 a special Symposium was convened in his honor by the ACerS Glass and Optical Materials Division.  In 2019 the Division inaugurated The L. David Pye Lifetime Achievement Award and over the last 4 years he has played a lead role in launching, guiding, and promoting the declaration of 2022 as The United Nations International Year of Glass. As Chief Executive Officer of Empire State Glassworks LLC, he is also an aspiring stained glass artist.