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S10 – Current Challenges in Microstructural Evolution: From Basic Science to Electronic Applications


Interfaces play a key role in achieving best performance of solar cells, sensors, ferroelectric actuators, dielectrics as well as oxygen- and lithium-ion conductors. Tailoring the materials microstructure, grain boundary structure, local defect distribution, space charges, texture and the anisotropy of transport processes at interfaces enables new applications for energy harvesting and storage. The microstructure formation during the fabrication processes and the corresponding structure-property relations need to be understood on a fundamental level to optimize a material for best performance.


This symposium covers both the fundamental understanding of functional materials and their application to current challenges in material science. Besides studies of interfaces, the focus will be on applying basic science to current challenges in material science as perovskite solar cells and field assisted sintering technologies.



Proposed Sessions

  • Interface structure and properties
  • Microstructure evolution
  • Ferroelectric materials for solar cell applications



Symposium Organizers

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