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S9: Porous Ceramics: Novel Developments and Applications

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Porous materials are utilized in many applications including but not limited to thermal insulation, catalysts, catalyst supports, filters, adsorbers and sensors. This symposium aims to bring together the technical community to share recent advances in the formation, characterization, properties and modeling of porous ceramic, carbon, glass and glass-ceramic components for any application. 


These materials contain pore sizes from the nanometers to millimeters, and can have textured to random porosity or hierarchical porosity and be based on various pore architectures, such as foams, honeycombs, fiber networks, bio-inspired structures.


This symposium will be the ideal showcase for the research activities of many groups involved in the development and use of porous materials including but not limited to the areas of ceramics, chemistry, mechanics, fluid dynamics, modeling and simulation and application engineering.


Proposed Session Topics


• Innovations in processing methods and synthesis of porous ceramics


• Structure and properties of porous ceramics


• Modeling of porous structures and properties


• Novel characterization tools of porous structures


• Mechanical behavior of porous ceramics


• Micro-porous and meso-porous ceramics


• Ceramic membranes


• Ceramics with hierarchical porosity


• Engineered porous architectures enabled by automated manufacturing technologies


• Porous ceramics for environmental applications


• Porous ceramics for energy applications


• Porous ceramics for biological applications


• Porous ceramics for functional applications


• Porous ceramics for water filtration



Symposium Organizers


• Paolo Colombo, University of Padova, Italy; paolo.colombo@unipd.it


• James W. Zimmermann, Corning Incorporated, USA ; ZimmermaJW@corning.com


• Tobias Fey, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany


• Fabrice Rossignol, CNRS Limoges, France


• Manabu Fukushima, AIST, Japan


• Yuji Iwamoto, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan


• Alek Pyzik, The Dow Chemical Company, USA


• Hutha Sarma, Corning Environmental Technologies, USA


• Yuping Zheng, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


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