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Update on Calisolar: ‘Columbus? You thought we meant Ohio?!?’

By / September 7, 2011

Calisolar’s Sunnyvale, Calif., offices. Credit: Calisolar, Wikipedia Back in July, we reported how State of Ohio and federal officials were left scratching their head when Calisolar, a company that has developed a lower-cost method of purifying cheap, low-grade silicon, suddenly pulled out of a deal that would have had the enterprise building a factory just north of…

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Two steps forward, one step back for solar tech in Ohio

By / July 10, 2011

Array of Isofoton PV panels in Morocco. The State of Ohio has been whipsawed by recent positive and negative announcements related to solar tech industries and jobs, including word of a new utility-scale solar farm and a new solar panel manufacturing facility, but also the unexpected news that a new recipient of a big Department…

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Solar silicon manufacturing innovators get big boosts with new DOE loan guarantees

By / June 20, 2011

Calisolar silicon is purified in a unique, liquid-phase process producing solar silicon without the high energy and specialized equipment of conventional vapor-phase silicon purification. Credit: Calisolar. As I have written several times before, the costs tied to the processing and manufacturing of photovoltaic units are dropping, but they are still the main impediment to PV…

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