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Freiberg University of Mining and Technology

Green mining technique uses photosynthesis to extract semiconductor germanium from soil

By April Gocha / September 30, 2015

Scientists at Germany’s Freiberg University of Mining and Technology have figured out that they don’t have to dig up the earth to extract the semiconductor germanium—they can make plants do the work for them.

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Composite materials: Reinforcing metal with ceramics

By Martin Grolms / March 8, 2012

Sample metal–ceramic composite honeycomb macrostructures. Credit: C. Weigelt et al.; Adv. Eng. Mater. The combination of two or more different materials offers a range of advantages. Regarding crashworthiness, for instance, composite materials enable manifold possibilities for micro- and macrostructure designs. They can be adapted for the intended application and required characteristics. Crashworthiness is concerned with the absorption…

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