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UPDATE: Get inked with ceramics—the science behind tattoos

By April Gocha / August 7, 2015

CTT reader Bart Kilinski pointed out that several of the substances listed in the tattoo ink infographic above are indeed toxic substances—particularly cinnabar and cadmium and chrome oxides. “Surely those aren’t used in tattooing,” Kilinski comments.

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Bulletin March 2007 Vol 86, No. 3 Online-only papers

By Eileen De Guire / March 11, 2012

“Intercalated Kaolinite Synthesized Using Microwaves and Intercalation Reagents”Intercalated kaolinite composites can be synthesized in significantly shorter times without decreasing the intercalation rates using microwaves and an intercalation reagent.Zhi-Jie Li, Xian-Ru Zhang and Zheng Xu “Effect of Materials Design on Properties of Porcelain Insulators”Substitution of alumina for silica improved the mechanical properties of high-voltage porcelain insulators…

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Is it safe to wear sunscreen? Mapping ZnO nanoparticles in human skin

By Eileen De Guire / December 2, 2011

Zinc oxide nanoparticle distribution in excised human skin. The black line represents the surface of the skin (top), blue represents ZnO nanoparticle distribution in the skin (stratum corneum), and pink represents skin. Credit: Timothy Kelf, Macquarie University. In June 1997, Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich decided to write a high school commencement speech. Lacking an…

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