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Materials Science Kits



About the Kits

The President’s Council of Student Advisors of ACerS has developed materials science demonstration and laboratory kits that provide an introduction to the basic classes of materials (ceramics, composites, metals, and polymers) through fun and interactive lessons.  There are currently 2 kits for sale (Teacher Demonstration Kit and Student Lab Kits) at $80 per kit. Ten lessons have been grouped into two different kits for teaching STEM fundamentals.


Each kit includes most of the essential materials needed to perform the experiments as well as a comprehensive set of lesson documents consisting of instructions, discussion questions, and sample data sheets. The kits are targeted towards 7th – 12th grade students and will provide enough detailed information for a high school class, which could then be simplified for younger students.


Download this summary of PCSA Science Kits and their inclusion of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This document breaks down each lesson of the PCSA teacher demo and student lab kits in terms of the NGSS standards and provides a short description of how each applicable standard could be applied to the lesson.


Companies Donate a Kit to a Local School & Help Support Materials Science Outreach

 We have also developed a program in which a local company can donate kits for a specific school or classroom, to reduce or eliminate costs for teachers and create valuable interactions between classrooms and companies.  Donate a kit to a local school for $100 per kit.  Learn more about how your company can help shape the minds of our youth by donating a kit to a school of your choice!


Download Materials Science Lessons for FREE

Thirteen lessons are available to download for free, if a lab is already equipped with the necessary components and supplies needed to perform the experiments.  Three lessons requiring liquid nitrogen are available as part of the free downloadable lessons for any teachers who are able to obtain their own liquid nitrogen.  


Why Offer Materials Science Kits?

ACerS believes that this resource will facilitate learning and inspire students to pursue STEM-related careers. Advances in materials frequently enable new technologies, and we want to foster the development of well-qualified young adults to secure the future of the field. This is the reason we are providing all of the information for free and the hardware and materials at minimized cost.


Information is available throughout this kit site by using the buttons above or the navigation on the right side bar.  It is our hope that each of you spreads this information to anyone else who might be interested.  

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