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ACerS Special Events at MS&T’09

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Monday, October 26

Richard M. Fulrath Award Session

  • Japanese Academic: Naoki Ohashi, Optronic Materials Center, National Institute for Materials Science
  • Japanese Industrial: Ryosuke Ueyama, Daiken Chemical Company Ltd. and Takayuki Nagano, Japan Fine Ceramics Center
  • American Academic: Venkatraman Gopalan, Pennsylvania State University
  • American Industrial: Andrew L. Gyekenyesi, Ohio Aerospace Institute, NASA Glenn Research Center

Tuesday, October 27

Emerging Opportunities for Ceramic Science and Engineering
Session Description:
New and improved ceramic materials are enabling scientists and engineers to develop important new energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly applications and technologies. This all-invited session explores current and emerging opportunities for ceramic materials and technologies. The session starts with reports from the winners of ACerS Corporate Environmental Achievement and ACerS Corporate Technical Awards. These presentations cover a company’s success in reducing an environment problem with ceramic filters and a new and potentially revolutionary battery technology that was made possible by the development of new ceramics. Two other talks in the session focus on high-performance materials, including thermoelectric materials, that contribute to environment-friendly and energy-efficient devices and systems for vehicles. The final two presentations discuss opportunities for luminescent and optical ceramics to be used in various applications pushing the limits of efficiency and the prospect of transforming medicine by using ceramic scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Basic Schedule:

  • ACerS Corporate Environmental Achievement Award Presentation – SELEE CS-X™: Development of a Phosphate-free Reticulated Ceramic Foam Filter for Aluminum Cast Houses, Dr. Rudolph Olson, Manager of Research and Development, SELEE Corporation
  • ACerS Corporate Technical Achievement Award – Nanophosphate™ Lithium Ion Battery Technology, Yet-Ming Chiang, Founder, A123 Systems, Professor of Ceramics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Design of Ceramic Processing for Designed Microstructure and Functional Properties, Toshihiko TANI, Toyota Research Institute of North America
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Automotive Thermoelectric Applications, Jihui Yang, GM R&D Center
  • Ceramic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering, Antoni P. Tomsia, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Wednesday, October 28

Alfred R. Cooper Session and Award
Invited Speakers

  • “A Physical Approach to Industrial Glass Research,”
    John Mauro, Corning Inc.
  • “Glass Microspheres in Medicine–
    An Overview,”
    Delbert Day, Missouri University of Science and
  • “Mixed Glass-Former Effects on the Properties and
    Structures of Glass,” Steve W. Martin, Iowa State University

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