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The Journal of the American Ceramic Society is among the top sources for ceramic materials science research, providing scientists, engineers, and students with critically assessed, original research for nearly 100 years. Topics cover a broad range including: Glass science, crystal chemistry, microscopy and microstructure, bioceramic science, powder processing and colloidal science. JACerS is #2 in the Materials Science-Ceramics category. (2.107 Impact Factor)


The International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology publishes cutting edge applied research and development work focused on commercialization of engineered ceramics, products and processes. The publication also explores the barriers to commercialization, design and testing, environmental health issues, international standardization activities, databases, and cost models. ACT is #7 in the Materials Science-Ceramics category. (1.153 Impact Factor)


The International Journal of Applied Glass Science endeavors to be an indispensable source of information dealing with the application of glass science and engineering across the entire materials spectrum. Published four times per year, IJAGS will be of critical value to the work of scientists, engineers, educators, students, and organizations involved in the research, manufacture and utilization of the material glass. IJAGS is #6 in the Materials Science-Ceramics category (1.548 Impact Factor).

Magic of Ceramics 

Visit the ACerS-Wiley Bookstore to peruse the most comprehensive catalog of ceramic and glass titles, including reference books, meetings proceedings, monographics, and Ceramic Transactions. ACerS members are entitled to a 25% discount on all Wiley-ACerS titles.

Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings 

The Ceramic Engineering & Science Proceedings con­tain the latest advancements in both traditional glass manufacturing and in advanced ceramics and composites. Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings contain proceedings from three ACerS meetings: the Glass Problems Conference; the International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites; and the Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum. CESP is available in advance on a subscription basis or as individual volumes.

Ceramic Transaction Series 

The Ceramic Transactions (CTs) books contain papers presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Ceramic Society, other regional and division conferences, as well as meetings held by related societies and organizations. 

Phase Equilibria Diagrams 

For more than 60 years, ACerS and NIST have collaborated on the publishing of Phase Equilibria Diagrams for ceramic systems. An essential tool for the study and development of new materials, ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams products provide trustworthy information in a convenient package that you can’t find anywhere else. Reduce research time and avoid costly experimentation when you consult ACerS-NIST critically-evaluated phase diagrams for ceramic systems.

ACerS Bulletin 

The Bulletin is the industry’s undisputed authority on news and new developments in the ceramics and glass industries. Its pages are read by more than 14,000 ceramics and glass experts in more than 50 countries.


The ceramicSOURCE is the industry’s most up-to-date source for suppliers of equipment and materials used to manufacture Ceramics and Glass.

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    ACerS-Wiley is seeking new authors or volume editors for textbooks, handbooks, or reference books on ceramics and ceramics-related topics. If you are an interested author or editor, or simply have an idea that you wish to share, please contact Anita Lekhwani or Greg Geiger.

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    Co-published by ACerS and Wiley-Blackwell, the Ceramic Engineering & Science Proceedings (CESP) con­tain the latest advancements in both traditional glass manufacturing and in advanced ceramics and composites. Content is from the annual Conference on Glass Problems and the annual International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites.

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    This fee-based online resource allows you to search for and download over 3,000 papers published in CESP Volumes 1-27, a total of 159 issues. Volumes include proceedings from a variety of conferences, and are added annually.

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    Co-published by ACerS and Wiley-Blackwell, Ceramic Transactions (CT) volumes contain peer reviewed papers on ceramic or materials topics that were presented during an ACerS-sponsored or endorsed conference. Some topics include advanced ceramics & composites, electronic ceramics, energy materials, biomaterials, environmental issues & waste management, and nanotechnology.