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American Ceramic Society Bulletin

September 2014 – Vol. 93 No. 7
  • Discovering the material secrets of art: Tools of cultural heritage science


  • Monitoring high-temperature CMC damage

  • Recognizing member achievements—Awards 2014

  • MS&T14 and 116th Annual Meeting program guide



Discovering the material secrets of art: Tools of cultural heritage science


Glenn Alan Gates

    Conservation scientists use familiar characterization tools to discover the materials science secrets of

art and archaeological objects.

Electrical resistance monitoring of damage and crack growth in advanced SiC-based ceramic composites


Gregory N. Morscher, Craig Smith, Emmanuel Maillet, Chris Baker, and Rabih Mansour

    Electrical resistance measurements show promise for detecting damage and monitoring quality-control

of CMC commercial jet engine components.

Honoring the ACerS Awards Class of 2014


    The Society announces awards that will be presented at the Awards Banquet of the 116th Annual Meeting in October to recognize significant contributions to the engineered ceramic and glass field by members and corporations.


Electronic Materials and Applications 2015


39th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites


MS&T14: Materials Science & Technology 2014 premeeting planner


5th Advances in Cement-based Materials highlights



News & Trends


• GE’s new fuel cell tech makes the most of ceramic materials
• ORNL’s new imaging institute is like ‘Google for materials’
• STEM’s leaking diversity pipeline: Four solutions to stem the flow
• Apple who? Kyocera changes the conversation with talk of its own sapphire screen
• Audi to lightweight its vehicles with glass-fiber-reinforced suspension springs
• Micro-LAM saves manufacturers time, money, and diamonds
• DOE plan provides public access to funded research

ACerS Spotlight


• Welcome to our newest Corporate Members!
• Student stipend for MS&T14/ ACerS 116th Annual Meeting
• Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation debuts; appoints development director to lead donor and partner engagement
• Calling all potential Emeritus members
• Ceramographic Exhibit and Competition entry open
• Fellows nominations due September 1
• Register for Pittsburgh Section Golf Outing by September 1
• Opportunities for students abound at MS&T14
• GPC student travel grants
• Student awards and competition at EMA 2015
• Institute for Ceramic and Glass celebrates golden anniversary
• Names in the News
• Keramos looks to future with new leadership, focus
• ACerS, Ohio State University promote ceramics, materials at Ohio State Fair Technology and Engineering Showcase

Research Briefs


• Bubble wrap for more than packing and popping
• New ‘sensing skin’ provides early warning for cracks in concrete
• Gorilla Glass is getting an upgrade, and so are smartphones—to genius status
• New manufacturing method paves the way for production of ‘soft machines,’ robots
• Could shape-shifting iron SMAs shift the construction industry?
• Durable, water-loving ceramic coating combats condensation, cleans up glass

Ceramics in the Environment


• Could a bamboo-fiber composite replace steel reinforcements in concrete?
• Catalytic converter ‘greens’ up lawnmowers for little green

Ceramics in Energy


• Zinc provides the power for new high-energy-density battery
• Solar-powered plane plans to circle the globe without gas
• Urine, or you’re not—Pee power could someday charge smartphones

Ceramics in Biomedicine


• Clay may be key to thwarting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Advances in Nanomaterials


• Self-folding silicon nanostructures mock Venus flytraps to catch single cells
• Thermochromic paint warns when materials get too hot
• Building stronger, lighter ceramic microstructures sans the diffraction limit


Deciphering the Discipline

Brian Donovan
    Pace yourself: Observations of working environments in industry and academia


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