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American Ceramic Society Bulletin

January/February 2015 – Vol. 94 No. 1


  • Inside the engine environment— Synchrotrons reveal secrets of high-temperature ceramic coatings


  • Oxygen separation membranes
  • Meet ACerS new president
  • 116th Annual Meeting report
  • January meetings: ICACC’15 and EMA


Meet ACerS president Kathleen Richardson


Eileen De Guire

   ACerS new president tells the Bulletin about her career in glass, what the Society means to her, and her goals for the year.

ACerS 116th Annual Meeting and ‘State of the Society’ report from President David Green


Eileen De Guire

   The Society is financially sound and responding to new needs of the ceramic and glass communities, David Green reported at October’s Annual Meeting.

Inside the engine environment—Synchrotrons reveal secrets of high-temperature ceramic coatings


Kevin Knipe, Albert Manero II, Sanna F. Siddiqui, Carla Meid, Janine Wischek, John Okasinski, Jonathan Almer, Anette M. Karlsson, Marion Bartsch, and Seetha Raghavan

     Combining synchrotron X-rays with a recreated engine environment yields an innovative testing technique to analyze material responses of thermal barrier coatings.

Fabrication of laboratory-scale planar oxygen separation membrane modules


Patrick Niehoff, Falk Schulze-Küppers, Stefan Baumann, Wilhelm A. Meulenberg, Olivier Guillon, and Robert Vaßen

    A novel approach incorporates high-flux material and parallel modeling of oxygen transport to fabricate multilayer, planar, and fully-ceramic oxygen transport membranes with an eye on large-scale manufacturing.


Ceramics Expo 2015


EMA 2015: ACerS Electronic Materials and Applications 2015


ICACC’15: 39th Int’l Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites


GOMD-DGG 2015: ACerS Glass & Optical Materials Division Annual Meeting and Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft Annual Meeting


Meeting highlights: Materials Science and Technology 2014



News & Trends

  • Corning debuts strongest glass yet with new Gorilla Glass 4
  • Rooftop and utility-scale solar prices are on the decline
  • DOE funding to speed up nuclear R&D, lab-to-market transition
  • Deal may expand tariff-free technology, including semiconductors
  • UK’s Imperial College builds global advanced ceramics industry–university consortium
  • GE advances advanced manufacturing with Connecticut lab

ACerS Spotlight

  • Welcome to our newest Corporate Members!
  • Nominations needed for 2015 awards
  • MS&T14 student contest winners
  • St. Louis Section/Refractory Ceramics Division 51st Annual Symposium, March 24-26, 2015
  • Ceramitec 2015: Hot spot for ceramics industry
  • Retired Corning scientist S. Donald Stookey dies at 99
  • In Memoriam
  • Awards, scholarship opportunities for students
  • Mark your calendars for ICACC’15 student activities
  • Members: Save time with multiyear renewal
  • Annual call for committee nominations
  • ECD announces best paper, best poster winners from ICACC’14
  • Names in the news

Ceramics in Biomedicine

  • Bioabsorbable metal–ceramic implants fix broken bodies, then vanish

Research Briefs

  • Give me a brake—preferably one that is ceramic
  • Properties of nanocomposite oxide ceramics driven by interface details
  • Building an invisibility cloak with just four optical lenses
  • Materials gain ground on silicon in electronics
  • Rare ceramic goes amorphous for strength
  • Twitter takes time, but pays off, says study of scientists’ social media activity

Ceramics in Energy

  • Industrial-scale generator brings thermoelectric energy to the masses
  • Technique prints rounded, facetless crystals for LEDs, solar cells, and pills
  • Mercedes-Benz’s new concept car harvests sun with its paint


Deciphering the Discipline


David Kok

    From combat to ceramics: A unique phase transformation




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