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GOMD 2018 Technical Program

GOMD 2018 technical program


For an in-depth description of each individual session topic, click it below.


S1: Fundamentals of the glassy state
  Session 1: Glass Formation and Structural Relaxation
  Session 2: Crystallization in glass and its application
  Session 3: Structural characterizations of glasses
  Session 4: Topology and rigidity
  Session 5: Computer simulation and predictive modeling of glasses
  Session 6: Mechanical properties of glasses
  Session 7: Non-oxide glasses
  Session 8: Glass under extreme conditions
S2: Glasses in healthcare—fundamentals and application
S3: Optical and electronic materials and devices—fundamentals and applications
  Session 1: Laser interactions with glasses
  Session 2: Charge and energy transport in disordered materials
  Session 3: Optical fibers and waveguides
  Session 4: Glass-based optical devices
  Session 5:Optical ceramics and glass-ceramics
  Session 6:Glasses and glass-ceramics in detector applications
  Session 7:Rare-earth and transition metal-doped glasses and ceramics for photonic applications
S4: Glass technology and cross-cutting topics
  Session 1: Glass surfaces and functional coatings
  Session 2: Sol-gel processing of glasses and ceramic materials
  Session 3: Challenges in glass manufacturing
  Session 4: Waste immobilization—waste form development: processing and performance
  Session 5: Optical fabrication science and technology
S5: Symposium to honor Prof. L. David Pye – Glass Scholar and Ambassador

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