The American Ceramic Society’s Board of Directors took action in January 2017 to improve ACerS efforts in education and professional development.  The result was the formation of a new Class of the Society called The Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC).

The purpose of the EPDC is to stimulate, promote, and improve education and professional development within the ceramic and glass community.

EPDC is the umbrella that incorporates the past efforts of CEC, NICE, the Education Integration Committee (EIC), and the Student Activities Committee (SAC). The intent of consolidating these groups into a single Class is to simplify the administrative structure and remove barriers to participation for interested members.

The Young Professionals Network (YPN), President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA), and Keramos remain very active and are working closely with the EPDC to coordinate efforts and meet common goals.

Join the Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC) as a member

If you have an interest in education or professional development initiatives, join us as a member of the EPDC. Additionally, EPDC members are eligible for special awards (see more information on awards below).

You may join this growing community by logging in to your ACerS Personal Snapshot and marking "EPDC" under the Interest Groups and Communities tab.

If you have any difficulties with this process, or have any additional questions please contact ACerS Customer Service at 1-866-721-3322 or 1-240-646-7054 (outside the U.S.).

ACerS Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC) Awards

Apply for one or more of the following EPDC awards! Gain visibility and recognition while building your CV with ACerS.

ACerS offers even more awards! Chances are that you may qualify for additional awards. View the entire list of awards to see which apply to you.

EPDC Volunteer Positions Available

2021-2023 EPDC Co-Chair

The EPDC is the central location for an exchange of ideas between education and professional development organization within ACerS. Therefore, the EPDC co-chairs are responsible for serving as a resource for organizing events throughout ACerS, including the development of new initiatives. One of the new initiatives for 2021 is the organizing of a new EPDC mentor sub-committee. The EPDC co-chairs operate on a 2 year term, with staggered elections. To review and download the EPDC Rules, please see below.

The start of the EPDC co-chair term will coincide with the ACerS Annual Meeting each year. The time commitment is 5-10 hours per month, with regular meetings (at least one per quarter) of the EPDC throughout the year (one of which is organized at ACerS Annual Meeting at MS&T). Additional work may be required depending on activities/goals of the EPDC that are specific to the co-chairs.

Any ACerS member who has interest or experience with education or professional development initiatives is encouraged to apply. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone please complete the nomination form below and submit via email by Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Please contact Jessica Rimsza with any questions.

EPDC Mentor Sub-Committee

The EPDC is in search of individuals who are interested in forming an EPDC Mentor Sub-Committee, to further develop a mentorship program for ACerS.

If you would like to be involved in the Mentor Sub-Committee please email Ashley Hilmas by Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Please also contact Ashley with any questions.

EPDC Rules


Download the EPDC Rules

2020-2021 Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC) Committee Representatives

2019-2021 EPDC Co-Chair

Ashley Hilmas

2019-2021 EPDC Co-Chair

Jessica Rimsza

EPDC Committee Representatives

EPDC Awards Committee

Rosario Gerhardt; Chair 2020-2021
Edgar Zanotto, 2021-2022
Rosario Gerhardt, 2018-2023
Rajendra Kumar Bordia, 2019-2024
Jürgen Rödel, 2020-2025

material advantage Committee (MAC)

Marissa Reigel
R. Allen Kimel
Edmund Moore
Amanda Krause

PResident's council of student advisors (PCSA)

Victoria Christensen
Michael Walden

ACerS staff liaison to the epdc

Yolanda Natividad

Accreditation Committee

Grant Norton
William Mullins
Alexis Clare
Bill Hammetter
Harrie Stevens
Darryl Butt
Janet Callahan


Brian Gilmore
Geoff Brennecka

Young Professionals Network

Kathryn Goetschius, 2019-2021
Yuxuan Gong, 2020-2022

ACerS board of directors class liaison

Darryl Butt