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The Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC)

Newest Development in ACerS Classes
The American Ceramic Society’s Board of Directors took action in January 2017 to improve ACerS efforts in education and professional development.  At the recommendation of the current Ceramic Education Council (CEC) and National Institute of Ceramic Engineers (NICE) executive committees, the CEC and NICE have been dissolved, and seeded the formation of a new Class of the Society called The Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC).

The purpose of the new EPDC is to stimulate, promote, and improve education and professional development within the ceramic and glass community.  This new Class is the umbrella that incorporates the past efforts of CEC, NICE, the Education Integration Committee (EIC), and the Student Activities Committee (SAC).  The intent of consolidating these groups into a single Class is to simplify the administrative structure and remove barriers to participation for interested members.

The Young Professionals Network (YPN), President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA), and Keramos remain very active and are working closely with the EPDC to coordinate efforts and meet common goals.

Any member of ACerS with an interest in education and professional development may join the new EPDC free of charge.

Contact Yolanda Natividad, ACerS Member Engagement Manager, for more information about joining the EPDC, or you can check the box on your renewal form.

If you are interested in getting involved with the new Class, contact one of the following EPDC Co-Chairs:

Marissa Reigel | Savannah River National Laboratory

Janet Callahan | Michigan Technological University

ACerS Board of Directors Class Liaison: Kevin Fox | Savannah River National Laboratory

Download the EPDC Rules