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Symposium 15: Advanced Wear-Resistant Materials: Tribology and Reliability





This symposium focuses on recent advances in wear-resistant materials and coatings development, evaluation of microstructures and properties, and novel applications based on tribology and reliability. Particular emphasis is placed on integrated structural properties, environmental properties, and functionality through innovative material and coating processing; composition and architecture optimization; advanced wear-resistant materials; and low friction coatings for extreme environments and life prediction modeling. Useful information on successful applications to industry, such as automobile and high-load machinery, will be included.



  • Advanced coating for automobile applications
  • Wear of tools and molds and its prevention
  • Low-friction coatings and materials
  • Characterization and test methods on wear and tribology
  • Mass production and reliability of wear-resistant coatings



Kyoung Il Moon, Siheung Center for Industrial Root Technology, KITECH, Korea, kimoon@kitech.re.kr

Taejin Hwang, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea

Kouichi Yasuda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, kyasuda@ceram.titech.ac.jp

Jindrich Musil, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Mustafa Urgen, Istanbul Teknik Universites, Turkey

Robert Vassen, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany

In Woong Yeo, Hyundai Motor Co., Korea

Doan Dinh Phuong, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Se-Hun Kwon, Pusan National University, Korea

Byung-Koog Jang, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan



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