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ICC4 Keynote and Plenary Speakers

Shaping the Future of Ceramics

ICC4 and 3rd Ceramic Leadership Summit

Keynote Speaker

Maxine Savitz

Sunday, July 15 | 6:30 to 7:20 p.m.

Maxine Savitz, Retired, Honeywell, Inc. and Vice President, National Academy of Engineering

Title: Materials: An Enabler

Biography: Savitz has more than 35 years of experience managing research, development and implementation programs for the public and private sectors, including in the aerospace, transportation and industrial sectors. Savitz is a member and current vice president of the National Academy of Engineering. She is the retired general manager for Technology Partnerships at Honeywell, Inc., formerly AlliedSignal. She currently serves on advisory bodies for the Sandia National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and is a member of the board of directors of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

Monday Plenary Speakers
Gary S. Calabrese

July 16 | 8:45 to 9:40 a.m.

Gary S. Calabrese, Senior Vice President, Global Research, Corning Incorporated

Title: Inventing the Future with New Materials


Biography: Calabrese joined Corning in 2008 and is senior vice president and head of Global Research. Previously he worked at Polaroid, Allied-Signal, and Rohm and Haas where he headed their corporate research laboratory and later became vice president and chief technology officer. Dr. Calabrese holds a B.S. degree in chemistry from Lehigh, and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from MIT. A past advisor to the Council for Chemical Research, Chemical and Engineering News, and co-chair of the National Academies’ Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, he currently serves on the American Chemical Society Presidential Commission on the future of graduate education in the Chemical Sciences and as an advisory board member for Cornell University’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and has over two dozen patents and technical publications.

July 16 | 10:00 to 10:55 a.m.

ByeongCheon Koh, President, U.S. R&D Center, Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Title: The Technical Trend of Dielectrics of the Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCS)


Biography: Koh was formerly CTO of Samsung Electro-Mechacnics for 7 years and now he is working as President of US R&D Center at Samsung Electro-Mechanics America Inc. He studied at Seoul National University, BS, MS Mechanical Engineering. He had PhD degree of Mechanical Engineering in University of Michigan, 1988 and had worked at KIMM, Samsung Electronics before. He is working at Samsung for 17 years and more than 25 years in the industry.


John Tracy

July 16 | 11:00 to 11:55 a.m.

John Tracy, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering, Operations & Technology, The Boeing Company

Title: Materials and Technical Achievement: An Aerospace Perspective


Biography: Tracy is responsible for defining and implementing corporate strategies for attaining and maintaining technical and functional excellence across the enterprise. He oversees the development and implementation of the enterprise technology investment strategy and provides strategic direction to several functions and business organizations. Previously Tracy was vice president of Engineering & Mission Assurance for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. He had functional management responsibility for the IDS engineering processes, engineering tools, and the 32,000-person engineering team. He received a PhD in Engineering from the University of California-Irvine, and a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in Physics respectively from California State University-Los Angeles and California State University-Dominguez Hills. He has authored more than 30 publications in the areas of composite structural mechanics, launch vehicle structures, smart structures, and aging aircraft.


Athanosios G. Konstantopulous

July 16 | 12:45 to 1:30 p.m.

Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos, Chairman of the Board, Centre for Research & Technology Hellas & Director, Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute; Professor of Chemical Engineering, Aristotle University

Title: Multifunctional Ceramic Reactors for Green Mobility and Clean Energy Production


Biography: Konstandopoulos is a specialist in nanoparticles and combustion aerosols, with extensive research and engineering consulting experience in the design, modeling and testing of monolithic reactors for many applications including solar fuels (hydrogen and hydrocarbons) production, emission control for mobile and stationary applications and biotechnological applications. He has coordinated and managed numerous research projects, funded by the European Commission as well as leading international industries. He is the author of more than 160 scientific and technical papers, a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the recipient of the 2010 European Research Council Advanced Grant and the 2006 Descartes Award. His degrees include Descartes Laureate, Chemical Engineer (PhD, MPhil, MScChE, Yale University, USA) and Mechanical Engineer (MScME Michigan Tech, USA; Dipl. Mech. Eng. Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece).



Tuesday Plenary Speakers
Delbert Day

July 17 | 8:45 to 9:40 a.m.

Delbert Day, Founder of Mo-Sci Corp and Curators’ Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering and Senior Investigator of the Graduate Center for Materials Research, MS&T

Title: From Academia to Business


Biography: Day has published more than 380 technical papers dealing with the structure, properties, and uses of glass, edited three books and been granted 53 US and foreign patents. His patents include glass microspheres for medical (radiation therapy) and dental applications, bioactive glasses for wound and bone repair, chemically durable glasses for vitrifying nuclear waste, optically transparent composites, and high temperature ceramics. He conducted the first US glass melting experiments in micro-gravity on NASA’s Space Shuttle and is co-inventor of special purpose glass microspheres, TheraSphereTM, which are now being used at more than 100 sites worldwide to treat patients with inoperable liver cancer. He is a co-inventor of “Glasphalt”, where waste glass is recycled as part of the aggregate in asphalt paving. He is the former Chairman and President of MO-SCI Corp, a company he co-founded to manufacture special purpose glasses for the healthcare, electronics, transportation, aerospace, chemical and sporting goods industries.



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July 17 | 12:45 to 1:30 p.m.

Michael Murray, Global Technical Director, Engineered Materials Division, Morgan Crucible Co. plc

Title: Emerging Ceramic Technologies: A Perspective from Morgan Crucible Co.


Biography: Murray is a materials science engineer by training and his PhD was in ceramics processing. He has recently have been appointed Chairman of the KTN Powders Advisory Board and also sits on the Materials Sector Board to advise the UK Technology Strategy Board. In the past he has been Chairman of both BSI and CEN international standards committees for Advanced Ceramics and has worked as a member of BSI and ASTM in development of Medical device standards and was the UK delegate at ISO TC150. Having published over 25 papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings; he is regularly an invited speaker for international meetings and a delegate on UK Missions.



Wednesday Plenary Speakers
Yukio Sakabe

July 18 | 8:45 to 9:40 a.m.

Yukio Sakabe, Senior Vice President (Retired), Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Title: Development of Electro-ceramics of today and the future


Biography: Sakabe graduated with B.Sc. (1968) and M.S. (1970) degrees in Physics from Kanazawa University, and a Ph.D. in materials engineering from Kyoto University (2002). He joined Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1970. He was promoted to a senior vice president (2007-2008). He retired from Murata in October 2011. Now he is a professor at Tokyo Institute Technology. He has been recognized as a pioneer of the base metal electrode capacitors. His many honors and awards include the Fulrath Award (1985); and Corporate Technical Achievement Award from American Ceramic Society (1998). He received Ferroelectrics Recognition Award from IEEE (2002). The Minister of Education and Science Award of Japan (2005). In 2010, he received the Buessem Award from Penn State Univ. He was elected to the International Academy of Ceramics (1999) and is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society (2000). He has published 225 technical papers (188 in Japanese and 37 in English). He holds 406 patents in electronics ceramics, (309 Japanese Pat., 78 US Pat., and 10 others).



David Bem

July 18 | 1:30 to 2:15 p.m.

David S. Bem, Global R&D Director, The Dow Chemical Company

Title: Dow Materials Innovation – Impacting the Future of Energy


Biography: Bem is the Global Director for R&D at The Dow Chemical Company and leads the Core R&D organization and the Corporate Innovation Fund, which allows for early stage exploration of disruptive technologies and the development of new businesses. He joined Dow in 2007 and has held leadership positions in Hydrocarbons & Energy, Alternative Feedstocks and Basic Chemicals, and Automotive. Bem assumed his current role in November 2010. Previously he worked at Celanese and UOP a Honeywell Company, where he led R&D organizations in chemicals, polymers, catalysis and inorganic materials. He earned a PhD in solid state inorganic chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his undergraduate degree in chemistry from West Virginia University. Bem is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and holds nine US patents. He has authored more than 20 publications.



Thursday Plenary Speaker
Michael Holman

July 19 | 9:40 to 10:35 a.m.

Michael Holman, Research Director, Lux Research

Title: New Material Opportunities from Emerging Technology


Biography: Holman is the Service Director for the Advanced Materials, Printed Electronics, and Electric Vehicles Intelligence practices. He and his teams help clients – Global 500 corporations, leading institutional investors, thoughtful public policy makers – make better strategic decisions. Michael is frequently quoted in the press, and has been cited in publications like The Economist, The Guardian, and Congressional Quarterly on the commercialization of emerging technologies. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University, where he performed cutting-edge research as a part of Columbia’s Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center and authored numerous scientific articles and reviews. He also holds a B.A. in Chemistry and Philosophy from Rice University.

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