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2017 ACerS Frontiers of Science and Society–Rustum Roy Lecture

ACerS Frontiers of Science and Society–Rustum Roy Lecture

1-2 p.m., October 10, Room 315


Qingjie Zhang, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China
Global Energy Challenges and Development of Thermoelectric Materials and Systems in China



The transformative impact of new materials have been demonstrated in every historical era by their integration into new devices, products, and systems. As increasing population drives to improve their standards of living, global demand for alternative and renewable energy also grows rapidly. Thermoelectric systems provide most attractive and promising heat-to-electricity energy conversion technologies and have shown great performance benefits. This lecture presents research and development activities on thermoelectric (TE) materials and their applications in China, focusing mainly on the R&D activities in National Basic Research Program (973 program), National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), and Major International Cooperation Projects. Major efforts are underway in the studies of electric and thermal transport mechanism of TE materials, ultra-fast preparation of high-performance TE materials, and the key technology of TE applications in solar energy PV-TE hybrid power generation and automotive exhaust waste heat recovery. In addition to innovative processing and manufacturing technology development, results will be provided on solar energy photovoltaic (PV)-TE hybrid power generation technology that have been applied to a 100kW solar energy PV-TE hybrid power generation demonstration power station in Western China. Performance example will also be provided on automotive waste heat TE power generation demonstration vehicle that can recover about 1000W electrical energy from the automotive exhaust. Various technical challenges and opportunities for implementation of this technology will also be discussed.


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